Inner Listening

Inner Listening

The first step toward awareness beyond myself came early in childhood as I explored the stunning Alberta landscape where I was born. My parents taught me to pay attention to the natural beauty of the surrounding world by calling my attention to its beauty. In my memoire, “Notes on Hunger”, I’ve named this practice, The Call to Beauty. Building on the example my parents set, on my own, I gradually realized that attuning consciously to beauty in nature could open a portal to continual growth in the everyday world as well as something beyond. This focus on inner awareness might be called prayer by some. Others might call it meditation. However you see it, they are close cousins and such practices brighten the facets of the inner jewel that is your spirit.

It was a slow process becoming comfortable in the present while never leaving the mystical behind, but a sense of being part of the All provided me with extraordinary resilience. An ever-expanding resource that flows from this open well of inner listening is available here online at Inner Listening: Meditations

The community at Findhorn spend time in private and group meditation. Inner listening is part of life there both on an individual level and in group practice. Participation in activities at the Sweat Lodge, the Universal Hall, the Nature Sanctuary are only a few of the many places where inner listening can be found. Below are a few links to some of the people whose practice within the community is appreciated. There are many more links to be found online.

Inner Listening

Liz Thompson – Voices of the Findhorn Foundation
To explore the concept of Inner Listening the following links will be helpful. It introduces the practice beautifully as well as giving information about Eileen Caddy’s book, Flight Into Freedom, and her life-long commitment to the “still small voice within”.

Caroline Myss on Nature Spirits
Caroline Myss discusses connections to the realm of Nature Spirits and how to bring what may at first seem like esoteric information into everyday life. Interviewing her in this video is Thomas Miller of the Findhorn Foundation.

Guts & God: Findhorn 2017
Caroline Myss, speaking on-site at Findhorn, provides an in-depth introduction to spiritual courage and finding your way toward light.

Findhorn Festival of Sacred Dance Music and song 2021
In the following, Thomas Miller guides a meditation focused on a specific purpose. In this case, he leads a journey of awareness for manifesting love, light and highest good for planetary awareness.

Learn the Touch of Love meditation in this exercise  

Meditation on the Future of Religion, Spirituality and Meditation
Sharon Took – Zozoya
In the following, a psychosynthesis practitioner leads a meditation meant to help you center and be more aware of your most authentic self: Dis-identification & Self-identification Meditation Sharon.  


FINDHORN SERIES (Part three)  
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