Poetry – Kaleidoscope

Poetry – Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope (Darlene Witte-Townsend, 2014, “Best of Burlington Anthology”)

I wish we could turn our kaleidoscope

a little to the left, perhaps.

Or, just a little

to the right. . .

Can we shift our vision,

see anew the patterns

that have frozen within us,

that no longer move?

Can we find the trick of holding

the slender hope

of our long history

in just the right way?

Can we find the tilt, the turn, the twist

 that can open us up to

a renewed stillness,

clarified. . .nascent?

Can our broken bits

 be lit up from within

and slide themselves into new places

with liquid ease?

Printed in “Best of Burlington Anthology 2013” © Darlene Witte-Townsend

ISBN-10: 0-9890709-0-5

ISBN-13: 978-0-9890709-0-4

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