Re-Generation Mother-Child

Re-Generation Mother-Child

Behind the waterfall,

into the longing, the roar

of water at the center of the world

down into deep folded grooves

of ancient life, down to the roots

I sink. Through elemental ooze, I

stretch into the night-flow,

find my raw under-skin, open my mouth.

Where the tears of the world outpour

we entwine, form-re-form

in placental embrace.

Ever birthing, re-birthing

mother, child.

We are this up-stretching trunk,

this down-flow that returns to itself:

You abide within the depth of my root.

I dwell within the fold of your branches.

Printed in “The Best of Burlington Writers Workshop” 2014

© Darlene Witte-Townsend 2014

ISBN-10: 0989070913; ISBN-13: 978-0-09890709-1-1

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